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Unstuck and On Target for Implementers

Why Use Unstuck in School and Community Settings?

Unstuck provides ready-made small group lesson plans with companion parent materials in English and Spanish that build executive functioning and help students regulate their thinking, feelings and behavior.  It was designed for school settings but adapts well to individual and group therapy services. It uses a strengths-based approach to improve social flexibility and readiness for learning, so it addresses academic needs and social-emotional learning standards. It creates calmer classrooms and better independent learners through a cocommon language of emotion regulation, flexibility, goal setting and planning.​​​  

Why are Executive
Functions Important?

Executive functioning is a set of brain-based abilities that help us set goals, make plans, manage disappointment, and stay flexible in the face of unexpected events and unwanted demands. Executive functioning enables us to stick with challenges without getting overwhelmed. They drive social skills and predict academic achievement, long term happiness, employment, and health.

Video: The importance of routines

In this video, Julia Bascom discusses her use of routines and how they compliment her thinking style and allow her to get things done that she otherwise wouldn’t.

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Where do I start?
Click to leran how to earn CEU's and learn online (self-paced)
Click to jump right into the intervention
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“It explicitly teaches students executive function skills and strategies that are good for everyone- adults and kids the same.”

"These are life skills that you're teaching..."

"(Unstuck) worked great with many students who struggled emotionally."

"Unstuck and On Target teaches skills many students need in order to be successful in school."

"The skills that Unstuck and On Target teaches students are incredibly valuable. This curriculum works well with the school-wide behavior model."

"I saw a lot of growth in my students who struggle, not just ones identified with EF struggles, and it motivated my students who are high flyers. I altered the curriculum to be part of a whole class focus for 26 students."

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