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About Unstuck and On Target

What is Unstuck?

  • ​​​An executive function curriculum that uses proven cognitive-behavioral techniques to improve flexibility, emotion regulation, planning and organization.

  • A set of fun activities that cue larger concepts, resulting in a shared language and approach for learning to be flexible, set goals and make plans.  

  • An adaptable set of lessons designed for use in schools by any school staff, but also used in clinic settings.

  • Unstuck meets Tier 2 Intervention requirements for IEP's and 504's, but has been used in mainstream classrooms and in Tier 3 educational settings as well.

  • A suite of resources that includes:

    • Manual of 21 small group lessons

    • Companion book for parents teachers, and therapists to support generalization of Unstuck

    • Online training modules with CE credits for teachers

    • Brief videos and an accessible online training platform for parents to learn the language and strategies of Unstuck. 

Who is Unstuck for and Does it Work?

  • Unstuck is designed for 8- to 11- year-olds with average IQ who have challenges with flexibility, organization and planning.

  • It was originally developed for children with autism who have strong cognitive and language skills. However, it targets executive function abilities that are essential for all children to thrive at home and at school, and research has shown that is effective for children with ADHD as well as autism. 

  • Research has documented that Unstuck helps children:

    • Become more flexible problem solvers

    • Improve classroom behaviors for following directions, making transitions, and avoiding meltdowns and negativity.

How Can I Learn Unstuck?

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