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Resources for Families

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Unstuck and On Target Curriculum cover. Click to open link

Unstuck and On Target! Curriculum for Students Ages 8-11

An executive function curriculum to improve flexibility, planning, and organization through 21 small group lessons and fun activities

laptop showing Unstuck and On Target

e-Unstuck for Elementary

Online Unstuck and On Target training modules for parents

Solving Executive Function Challenges book cover

Solving Executive Function Challenges (for Elementary)


A how-to book for parents and educators

Doing Homework

A Workbook to Make Unstuck and On Target a Way of Life: Your Guide to Executive Functioning! (for Elementary)

This resource was written as a companion for families and caregivers of children in Unstuck and On Target classes and helps explain how to make the most out of these lessons at home.

3 Ways to Compromise

3 Ways to Compromise

Printable poster with visual of the three ways to compromise.

Unstuck Elementary Fast Facts

One page document summarizing the Unstuck: audience, research, and outcomes.  Useful for parents and administrators to easily answer the question, "What is and Why Unstuck?"

Unstuck Fast Facts
Calendar Pages

Unstuck News and Events

This is a developing resource where the calendar will show Unstuck related events (email us with a group you're starting!) and resources community based providers want to share!

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