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Father and Daughter

Unstuck and On Target for Families

Unstuck teaches families simple strategies that build executive functioning and help children and teens regulate their feelings and behavior. It supports a calmer and more flexible household. Unstuck provides a vocabulary for improving flexibility, organization, and planning that teachers, therapists, parents, and youth can all share.​​​ It gives families that are feeling stuck more choices and opportunities to work together to prevent meltdowns and have more fun.

Why are Executive Functions Important?

Executive functioning is a set of brain-based abilities that help us set goals, make plans, manage disappointment, and stay flexible in the face of unexpected events. Executive functioning enables us to stick with challenges without getting overwhelmed. They drive social skills, predict success at school and long term happiness, employment, and health.

Why is Unstuck
Worth Your Time?

Video: A parent discusses the value of Unstuck

Let's listen to a parent, Troy Ridgeway, talk about how understanding the Unstuck principles helped him to manage his own stress and identify with his son.

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Where do I start?
Click to learn using anonline, self-paced program
Click to learn by reading a short book
My child is doing Unstuck and I want to follow along? Click to open link
Click to watch some Unstuck videos


"Unstuck has changed the way our family interacts. We now all use the scripts and we have a common language that we really try to use in both good and bad times. You know it's working when your child tells you that you are stuck...and you are!"

​"We went through the Unstuck and On Target curriculum and parent training and couldn't believe how much we learned. For the first time, things made sense and we actually knew what to do. We give the Solving Executive Functions book to everyone who works with our child- and as baby presents for new parents!"

"Our child is the Unstuck poster child. He really struggles with transitions or changes, hates when people break the rules and is haphazard about his schoolwork. But Unstuck brings us to the table together. We are able to systematically preview things for him and he is really learning that there is always a Plan B. Thank you for helping us see our son was more flexible than we realized and for teaching us how to support him in his growth."

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