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  • Trainings | Unstuck and On Target

    Unstuck Training Trainings Unstuck and on Target authors offer training for parent groups, teachers, school districts, and advocacy groups. Our highly interactive and dynamic training is a half or full day, with follow-ups as needed. The goals of Unstuck training can be individualized by usually include: An introduction to executive functions, their importance and impact on performance How to teach and coach using Unstuck strategies How and when to use the Unstuck scripts and approach The research on Unstuck and executive function ​ Contact us for more information! Visit our YouTube Channel! Browse playlists that include: Unstuck training videos Parent support videos Collections of fun and engaging videos to support Unstuck Lessons See Laura Anthony's Unstuck Training for Schools This in depth 3 part training gives you an deep dive into using Unstuck in schools. Laura Anthony Discusses Unstuck Implementation in the Community Dr. Anthony explains key Unstuck concepts and approaches in this one hour webinar for Behavioral Alliance of South Carolina. Lauren Kenworthy and Lynn Cannon Discuss Unstuck This webinar showcased key Unstuck strategies and approaches for both families and interventionists. Learn Online Organization and Virtual Learning Strategies These short, engaging videos teach key strategies for people with executive function difficulties. The experts at CHADD developed these 1-2 minute gems.

  • Unstuck and On Target | Executive Function

    Unstuck and On Target Learn how to provide Unstuck to your students through an asynchronous online educator training. FREE 3.5 CEC credit tr aining available now for elementary students. ​ (High school training coming soon!) What is Unstuck ? ​​​A curriculum and a set of easy to use tools that improve flexibility, planning and organization. Unstuck consists of small group lessons and simple, everyday strategies that build a common language for better regulation of feelings, behavior, and thinking. ​ Who is Unstuck for? Does it Work? Unstuck is for school-age youth with good verbal skills, but challenges with executive functioning. Research shows that Unstuck helps children with autism or ADHD become more flexible problem solvers, with better abilities to follow directions, make transitions, and avoid meltdowns and negativity. It also helps reduce parent stress and creates calmer classrooms. More How Can I Learn Unstuck ? This website will introduce you to engaging multimedia tools for parents, teachers, therapists, and youth with executive functioning difficulties to learn Unstuck , including: An easy to use manual with pre-made lesson plans and step by step directions Online training modules Free videos Much more! Para espanol haga clic aqui Unstuck from Early Childhood through Early Adulthood Ages 4-6 Ages 8-11 Ages 11-15 Ages 14-22 Unstuck song Story books Activities Fun games Experiments Planning fun activities Building power Understanding your strengths and challenges Self advocacy Curriculum In Development Curriculum and Online Training Available Curriculum Coming Soon Curriculum and Online Training Coming Soon Video: The importance of the Unstuck philosophy In the video below, Julia Bascom speaks to the importance of the Unstuck philosophy: Understanding your strengths and things you need to work on so that you can seek accommodations and supports. ​ Video court esy of Watch more videos Neurodivergent Community Do you want to expand your skills for being flexible, reaching your goals, and self-advocating? Do you want to use strength-based tools designed with neurodivergent people for neurodivergent people? "My recognition of the power of flexibility came much later than it had to, because no one was there to teach me. ... Unstuck is a way to help people learn the flexibility to confront life's problems..." (John Elder Robison) Learn More Parent/Caregiver Parent/Caregiver Parent/Caregiver School-Based Do you want to improve classroom management and build a common language of self regulation in your school? ​ Learn More Families and Caregivers Does your child struggle with changes in routine, working independently or overwhelming feelings? "Unstuck has been a lifesaver for our family" Learn More Community-Based Are you working with a child who is stuck on an overwhelming feeling or situation? Do you have clients who are struggling to be flexible in social situations? "We all need this vocabulary. We all need these tools.” Learn More TESTIMONIALS Here's what parents say they learned... ​ "Unstuck has changed the way our family interacts. We now all use the scripts and we have a common language that we really try to use in both good and bad times. You know it's working when your child tells you that you stuck and you are!" Here's what kids say they learned... ​ “Being able to have multiple plans because if I don’t have multiple plans I get stuck. If I have multiple plans I can get a little of what I want, rather than not at all. In most situations that’s better." Here's what teachers say... ​ “This is exactly the type of intervention needed to support our academically higher but dysregulated kiddos with ASD and ADHD. I appreciate the structure the curriculum provides.” Here's what community providers say... ​ "Unstuck works for clients with all kinds of challenges, including anxiety, ADHD, and autism. More importantly, kids and families have fun and can do it!" ​ ​

  • School-Based | Unstuck and On Target

    Unstuck and On Target for School-Based Professionals Why Use Unstuck in Schools? Unstuck provides ready-made small group lesson plans with companion parent materials in English and Spanish that build executive functioning and help students regulate their thinking, feelings and behavior. It u ses a strengths-based approach to improve social flexibility and readiness for learning , so it addresses academic needs and social-emotional learning standards. It creates calmer classrooms and better independent learners through a co common language of emotion regulation, flexibility, goal setting and planning. ​​​ Why are Executive Functions Important? Executive functioning is a set of brain-based abilities that help us set goals, make plans, manage disappointment, and stay flexible in the face of unexpected events and unwanted demands. Executive functioning enables us to stick with challenges without getting overwhelmed. They drive social skills and predict academic achievement, long term happiness, employment, and health. More Video: The importance of routines In this video, Julia Bascom discusses her use of routines and how they compliment her thinking style and allow her to get things done that she otherwise wouldn’t. ​ Video courtesy of Watch more videos Testimonials ​ “It explicitly teaches students executive function skills and strategies that are good for everyone- adults and kids the same.” "These are life skills that you're teaching..." "(Unstuck ) worked great with many students who struggled emotionally." "Unstuck and On Target teaches skills many students need in order to be successful in school." "The skills that Unstuck and On Target teaches students are incredibly valuable. This curriculum works well with the school-wide behavior model." "I saw a lot of growth in my students who struggle, not just ones identified with EF struggles, and it motivated my students who are high flyers. I altered the curriculum to be part of a whole class focus for 26 students."

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    Unstuck Events and News In an effort to create community, we are posted Unstuck related events on this page. Please know that posting does not constitute an endorsement, as we have no quality assurance mechanism. Webinar Series for Caregivers of Children with Autism ​ Dates/Times: August 21 & 28, September 11 & 18 from 5:30-7:00 PM MST ​ Registration: Closes August 14th ​ This live, 4-session webinar will provide caregivers of children on the autism spectrum with an improved understanding of executive functioning (EF) difficulties that impact their child’s daily functioning and teach caregivers tools to support their child with EF struggles. ​ Click here to learn more and to register

  • Parent or Caregiver Resources | Unstuck and On Target

    Resources for Families and Caregivers Click below to learn more about each of the resources. Unstuck and On Target! Curriculum for Students Ages 8-11 ​ An executive function curriculum to improve flexibility, planning, and organization through 21 small group lessons and fun activities e-Unstuck ​ Online Unstuck and On Target training modules for parents Solving Executive Function Challenges A how-to book for parents and educators A Workbook to Make Unstuck and On Target a Way of Life: Your Guide to Executive Functioning! ​ This resource was written as a companion for families and caregivers of children in Unstuck and On Target classes and helps explain how to make the most out of these lessons at home. 3 Ways to Compromise ​ Printable poster with visual of the three ways to compromise. Unstuck Fast Facts ​ One page document summarizing the Unstuck: audience, research, and outcomes. Useful for parents and administrators to easily answer the question, "What is and Why Unstuck ?" Unstuck News and Events ​ This is a developing resource where the calendar will show Unstuck related events (email us with a group you're starting!) and resources community based providers want to share!

  • YouTube Channel | Unstuck and On Target

    Visit Our YouTube Channel ​ ​ Watch numerous videos on Executive Functions and other Unstuck and On Target concepts. Visit Our YouTube Channel

  • Unstuck Fast Facts | Unstuck and On Target

    Unstuck Fast Facts Unstuck Fast Facts ​ Read a one-page summary of the approach and research base for this intervention.

  • Curriculum | Unstuck and On Target

    UNSTUCK CURRICULUM UNSTUCK AND ON TARGET ​​For students with executive function challenges, problems with flexibility and goal-directed behavior can be major obstacles to success in school and in life. With the second edition of this popular curriculum, you’ll explicitly teach flexibility, problem-solving, coping, and goal setting through fun, field-tested lessons that work for learners with autism, ADHD, and other challenges that affect executive function. A school-based intervention for students ages 8–11, this evidence-based curriculum gives you 21 ready-to-use lessons that boost cognitive flexibility in everyday situations, from compromising with peers to coping with frustration. Unstuck and On Target! Benefits: Meets the needs of MTSS Tier 2 learners. This proven curriculum is one of the few tailored to the needs of Tier 2 students who need more focused instruction. Gives you explicit, step-by-step routines, activities, and scripts to help students improve executive function skills. Targets the flexibility and planning skills every student needs to learn effectively, reduce stress, get along with others, problem-solve, and more. It can be done in any classroom, by any teacher . Each ready-to-use lesson comes complete with clear instructions, materials lists, and tips for teachers. Makes learning fun with engaging games, role plays, stories, and lively class discussions. Reinforces new skills through 19 Home Practice handouts in English and Spanish (available for download online). Easy to Use Curriculum The new second edition book includes links to downloadable posters, game boards, and student activities and worksheets. ​ Now appropriate for learners with ADHD and other conditions linked to executive function challenges, as well as autism. Tested with teachers and streamlined for user-friendliness. Enhanced parent materials, including materials in Spanish. Tested with a diverse sample of children and refined to increase student engagement. Learn more about Unstuck and On Target! Gameboards & Posters Interventionist Training Resources Learn how to teach Unstuck with fun, interactive modules that use real world examples and help you personalize Unstuck for you and your classroom! Bringing Unstuck Home: Solving Executive Function Challenges: Simple ways to get kids with autism unstuck and on target How can you help kids with autism be flexible, get organized, and work toward goals—not just in school but in everyday life? It’s all about executive function, and this quick problem-solving guide helps you explicitly teach these critical skills to high-functioning children with autism (Grades K-8). Used on its own or in tandem with the popular Unstuck and On Target! classroom curriculum, this practical guide shows how to embed executive function instruction in dozens of everyday scenarios, from morning routines to getting homework done. Designed for therapists, teachers, and parents, these highly effective techniques give children the skills they need to navigate each day, reach their goals, and succeed inside and outside the classroom. Solving Challenges Help Parents: Understand executive function—why it’s important and why it’s challenging for children with autism Teach three skills critical to success: flexibility, goal setting, and organization Use consistent scripts and keywords to help children process your message Model desired behaviors —and fade your guidance as children generalize skills Provide simple, effective visual cues that keep kids unstuck and on target Keep it fun and positive, with tips on creative, playful ways to teach executive function skills PRACTICAL MATERIALS: Dozens of specific, easy-to-do examples; “Goal, Plan, Do, Check” scripts and worksheets that break down tasks into small, achievable chunks; keywords and phrases that help kids stay on target; reproducible visual aids; sample IEP goals. Help children with autism: Compromise with family and friends Turn “big deals” into “little deals” Move on to Plan B when Plan A doesn’t work Make plans and carry them out Solve problems independently Be a good friend Handle disappointments and unexpected events Avoid “whims” that get them off track Quick-reference magnet included! As a bonus, you’ll also get a 4 x 6 magnet printed with keywords and sample scripts from Unstuck and On Target! It’s a handy quick reference for the “Goal-Plan-Do-Check” process that helps students set and meet goals.

  • How Did You Hear About Us? | Unstuck and On Target

    How Did You Hear About Us? How did you hear about Unstuck? Brookes Publishing website, catalog, mailings School system or school personnel Friend or family member Media/news Professional organization/conference/training Social media Colleague Recommendation from professional who works with my child Found it from a search engine Other How is Unstuck relevant to you? Parent/Caregiver Therapist Teacher or School Professional Tutor For myself Other What additional resources would you like to see? Send Feedback Thanks for sharing your feedback with us! We are so glad that you are here and hope that you find the resources to be helpful. We are always looking to reach more professionals, families, and advocates who could use Unstuck. To help us with that outreach, we would love to have your feedback about how you found our website . All of your responses are anonymous.

  • Unstuck Curriculum| Unstuck and On Target

    Unstuck and On Target! Elementary Curriculum Unstuck and On Target! Elementary Curriculum ​ Unstuck and On Target is an intervention available as a kit that includes all the elements needed to implement the intervention in a school or clinic. While this curriculum was created for use in these settings, community providers have also found Unstuck to be extremely helpful with their clients. The box includes the direct instruction curriculum, links to download parent and teacher handouts, game board, and posters. ​ COMING SOON: High school and middle school Unstuck curricula

  • INSAR Annual Meeting | Unstuck and On Target

    Thank you for learning about Unstuck and On Target at the 2023 INSAR Annual Meeting See below for more about the information presented in the poster session and use the menu at the top of the page to learn about everything Unstuck . Don't forget to enter your email at the bottom of the page to sign up for our mailing list so we can keep you updated about upcoming projects and resources. Poster Click below to download a copy of the poster Parent Videos Check out our videos that provide information and practical strategies that parents can immediately use to support their neurodivergent child’s executive functions. Online Training Learn about the Unstuck and On Target for Elementary Educators online training More Information Review our symposium presentation from the 2023 National Association of School Psychiatrists conference: Executive Functioning Challenges and Interventions for Students With ASD or ADHD . Learn more about the Innovations Institute at the University of Connecticut School of Social Work and browse the online training catalogue Interested in the Unstuck and On Target curriculum? Click here to learn more about it and for a link to purchase the manual.

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