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Unstuck and On Target Ages 11-15 cover page

Curriculum for High School Students


  • 45-minute lessons taught in small groups in any setting.

  • Easy to implement lessons can be delivered in general and special education classrooms, pull-out groups, or after-school clubs.

  • Taught by using catchy scripts, memorable visuals, engaging role-plays, and fun planning activities.

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Click below to learn more about each of the resources.

Screenshot of Life Pie activity. Click to open the link.

Google Sheets Life Pie

This interactive spread sheet lets students (and teachers!) calculate how they are spending thier time and conclude if they are living a "balanced pie," or a "danger pie" life.

Unstuck and On Target training for elementary educators screenshot. Click to open the link.

Online Training for Unstuck and On Target! Ages 14-22

Learn how to implement Unstuck with your students through an asynchronous online training course

Screenshot of Self-Advocacy Formula. Click to open the link.

Self Advocacy Visual

Videos Interviews with Unstuck Authors about frequent challenges.

man wearing headset and talking on laptop

Watch a Master Teacher Use the Self Advocacy Formula 

Use the Self Advocacy forumula with a student.

laptop showing Unstuck and On Target

Curated List of Videos for Unstuck

Use this YouTube to teach Unstuck

Solving Executive Function Challenges book cover

Solving Executive Function Challenges


A how-to book for parents and educators

Doing Homework

A Workbook to Make Unstuck and On Target a Way of Life: Your Guide to Executive Functioning!

This resource was written as a companion for families and caregivers of children in Unstuck and On Target classes and helps explain how to make the most out of these lessons at home.

3 Ways to Compromise

3 Ways to Compromise

Printable poster with visual of the three ways to compromise.

Unstuck Fast Facts

Unstuck Fast Facts

One page document summarizing the Unstuck: audience, research, and outcomes.  Useful for parents and administrators to easily answer the question, "What is and Why Unstuck?"

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Screenshot of flexibility game. Click to open the link.

Play a flexibility game on line!

Students can consolidated their mastery of Unstuck concepts with fun scenarios and flexible rules. 

Page from Unstuck curriculum. Click to open the link.

Easy Access to Unstuck and On Target! Curriculum Materials

When you buy the Unstuck book, don't miss the downloadable resources! Go to Brookes Download Hub, register, and put in the code found on page ix of your Unstuck manual!

Page from Unstuck in a Box. Click to open the link.

Unstuck in a Box

Save yourself valuable time by using these instructions to prep all of the materials you will need to implement Unstuck ahead of time. 

Unstuck in 13 Lessons screenshot. Click to open the link.

Unstuck in 13 Lessons

Sometimes there is not enough time to do the whole manualized intervention. This scope and sequence outlines a 13 week option, highlighting key lessons and activities.

BOCEF screenshot. Click to open the link.

Behavioral Observations of Classroom Executive Functioning (BOCEF)

The BOCEF is designed to simultaneously measure:

1. Student behaviors that demonstrate EF skills

2. Teacher behaviors that support these skills.

This in depth 3 part training gives you an deep dive into using Unstuck in schools.

Dr. Anthony explains key Unstuck concepts and approaches in this one hour webinar for Behavioral Alliance of South Carolina. 

This webinar showcased key Unstuck strategies and approaches for both families and interventionists. 

These short, engaging videos teach key strategies for people with executive function difficulties.  The experts at CHADD developed these 1-2 minute gems.

How can Unstuck Help students?

Unstuck provides ready-made small group lesson plans with companion parent materials in English and Spanish that build executive functioning and help students regulate their thinking, feelings and behavior.  It uses a strengths-based approach to improve social flexibility and readiness for learning, so it addresses academic needs and social-emotional learning standards. It creates calmer classrooms and better independent learners through a cocommon language of emotion regulation, flexibility, goal setting and planning.​​​  

Why are Executive Functions
in Middle and High School

Executive functioning is a set of brain-based abilities that help us set goals, make plans, manage disappointment, and stay flexible in the face of unexpected events and unwanted demands. Executive functioning enables us to stick with challenges without getting overwhelmed. They drive social skills and predict academic achievement, long term happiness, employment, and health.

Video: How Unstuck Helps Young Adults

In this video, Unstuck Coathor


“It explicitly teaches students executive function skills and strategies that are good for everyone- adults and kids the same.”

"These are life skills that you're teaching..."

"(Unstuck) worked great with many students who struggled emotionally."

"Unstuck and On Target teaches skills many students need in order to be successful in school."

"The skills that Unstuck and On Target teaches students are incredibly valuable. This curriculum works well with the school-wide behavior model."

"I saw a lot of growth in my students who struggle, not just ones identified with EF struggles, and it motivated my students who are high flyers. I altered the curriculum to be part of a whole class focus for 26 students."

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