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What is Unstuck?

​​​A curriculum and a set of easy to use tools that improve flexibility, planning and organization.


Unstuck consists of small group lessons and simple, everyday strategies that build a common language for better regulation of feelings, behavior, and thinking.

Who is Unstuck for? Does it Work?

Unstuck is for school-age youth with good verbal skills, but challenges with executive functioning.


Research shows that Unstuck helps children with autism or ADHD become more flexible problem solvers, with better abilities to follow directions, make transitions, and avoid meltdowns and negativity. It also helps reduce parent stress and creates calmer classrooms. 

How Can I Learn Unstuck?

This website will introduce you to engaging multimedia tools for parents, teachers, therapists, and youth with executive functioning difficulties to learn Unstuck, including:

  • An easy to use manual with pre-made lesson plans and step by step directions

  • Online training modules

  • Free videos

  • Much more! 

Unstuck from Early Childhood through Early Adulthood


Ages 4-6

Ages 8-11

Ages 11-15

Ages 14-22

  • Unstuck song

  • Story books

  • Activities

  • Fun games

  • Experiments

  • Planning fun activities

  • Building power

  • Understanding your strengths and challenges

  • Self advocacy

In Development

Coming Soon

Curriculum and Online Training Coming Soon

Video: The importance of the Unstuck philosophy

In the video below, Julia Bascom speaks to the importance of the Unstuck philosophy: Understanding your strengths and things you need to work on so that you can seek accommodations and supports.

Video courtesy of

Neurodivergent Community

Do you want to expand your skills for being flexible, reaching your goals, and self-advocating? Do you want to use strength-based tools designed with neurodivergent people for neurodivergent people? 

Young Man

"My recognition of the power of flexibility came much later than it had to, because no one was there to teach me. ... Unstuck is a way to help people learn the flexibility to confront life's problems..." (John Elder Robison)

Empty Classroom





Do you want to improve classroom management and build a common language of self regulation in your school?

Young Teacher

Families and Caregivers

Does your child struggle with changes in routine, working independently or overwhelming feelings?

Father and Daughter

"Unstuck has been a lifesaver for our family"


Are you working with a child who is stuck on an overwhelming feeling or situation? Do you have clients who are struggling to be flexible in social situations?

Child Counselor

"We all need this vocabulary. We all need these tools.”


Here's what parents say they learned...

"Unstuck has changed the way our family interacts. We now all use the scripts and we have a common language that we really try to use in both good and bad times. You know it's working when your child tells you that you stuck and you are!"

Here's what kids say they learned...

“Being able to have multiple plans because if I don’t have multiple plans I get stuck. If I have multiple plans I can get a little of what I want, rather than not at all. In most situations that’s better."

Here's what teachers say...

“This is exactly the type of intervention needed to support our academically higher but dysregulated kiddos with ASD and ADHD. I appreciate the structure the curriculum provides.”     

Here's what community providers say...

"Unstuck works for clients with all kinds of challenges, including anxiety, ADHD, and autism. More importantly, kids and families have fun and can do it!"

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