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Resources for School-Based Professionals

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Solving Executive Function Challenges book cover

Solving Executive Function Challenges (A how-to book for parents)

How can you help kids with autism be flexible, get organized, and work toward goals—not just in school but in everyday life? It's all about executive function, and this quick problem-solving guide helps you explicitly teach these critical skills to high-functioning children with autism (Grades K-8).

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Unstuck and On Target! Curriculum

Unstuck and On Target! is an intervention available as a kit that includes all the elements needed to implement the intervention in a school or clinic. The box includes the direct instruction curriculum, links to download parent and teacher handouts, game board, and posters. 

Doing Homework

A Workbook to Make Unstuck and On Target a Way of Life: Your Guide to Executive Functioning!

This resource was written as a companion for families and caregivers of children in Unstuck and On Target classes and helps explain how to make the most out of these lessons at home.

3 Ways to Compromise

3 Ways to Compromise

Download a poster showing three methods of compromising in any situation.

Unstuck Fast Facts

Unstuck Fast Facts

Read a one-page summary of the approach and research base for this intervention. 

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e-Unstuck and On Target Program

The e-Unstuck and on Target Program is an interactive e-­learning course for parents to teach them to support executive functioning and behavior regulation in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The dynamic e-learning platform systematically intermixes didactic instruction with hands-on interactive exercises. 

This self paced interactive e-learning course will:

  • Empower parents to use Unstuck strategies promoting generalization

  • Provide parents with an individualized set of insights and recommendations for their child, including things to share with other caregivers, teachers, and community members


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Watch numerous videos on Executive Functions and other Unstuck and On Target concepts.

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Play a flexibility game on line!

Students roll the dice and click on the i on the space to draw a card.  If someone lands on the same space, move forward one.


Download FREE Unstuck Companion Materials​

When you buy the Unstuck book, don't miss the downloadable resources! Go to Brookes Download Hub, register, and put in the code found on page ix of your Unstuck manual!

This in depth 3 part training gives you an deep dive into using Unstuck in schools.

Dr. Anthony explains key Unstuck concepts and approaches in this one hour webinar for Behavioral Alliance of South Carolina. 

This webinar showcased key Unstuck strategies and approaches for both families and interventionists. 

These short, engaging videos teach key strategies for people with executive function difficulties.  The experts at CHADD developed these 1-2 minute gems.

Unstuck and On Target! Coaching Sessions for Teachers

Past coaching sessions are available for you to watch for free. The topics of these coaching sessions range from identifying accommodations for your students to ways that you can adapt Unstuck lessons or principles for your specific situation. For more information about attending the coaching sessions, you can contact The Institute for Innovation and Implementation's HelpDesk for information on how to create a free account on their learning management system, Ideas@TheInstitute.

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