Executive Function Tips and Strategies

from Parents and Experts  

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This series of videos provides information and practical strategies that parents can immediately use to support their neurodivergent child’s executive functions.  These engaging videos feature parents sharing their real life wisdom and experts who offer research-tested ideas and easy to understand explanations. If you have a child on the autism spectrum or with ADHD or Learning Disabilities, these videos will help you reduce conflict and turns can’ts into cans.   

This animation introduces parents to what executive functions are and what problems with executive     functioning look like. It introduces simple steps parents can take to help their children.

In this interview, parents Troy and Vanessa reflect on how children sometimes can’t do something when it appears that they won’t do it. They break down how to turn those can’ts into cans.

This animation offers parents tips on helping to prevent your child from getting overwhelmed, such as identifying possible triggers and preparing for them in advance.

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In this webinar, an expert explains how children and parents can both get more of what they want through motivating strategies.

Coming up with multiple plans helps to keep your child thinking flexibly and calling events a ‘big deal’ or a ‘little deal’ helps them manage disappointment. We explain how to effectively use both strategies in this animation.

Sometimes what we want is not possible. This webinar features an expert explaining what to do in these situations to help your child.

In this animation, we cover how to identify the intensity of feelings as well as the different strategies available to manage those feelings and get your child back to feeling “on target.”

Creating and working towards goals is a critical life skill. In this webinar, we discuss how to help your child make goals, understand why that goal is important, and how to create a plan to achieve that goal.

Children with executive function challenges can easily get overwhelmed. In this video, an expert gives simple tips for breaking tasks down into steps in order to get things done.

In this webinar an expert explains how taking the time to write things down can help your child process their feelings when talking to them either makes it worse or seems to go nowhere

This animation shows parents how then can help their children manage disappointment when things don’t go as planned by “expecting the unexpected.”


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Compromising helps everyone get what they want. This animation explains the different types of compromise and how they can be used so that both parents and their children can walk away with something positive