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Child Counselor

Unstuck and On Target for Community-Based Professionals

Unstuck provides ready-made small group lesson plans that use proven cognitive-behavioral techniques to build social flexibility, emotion regulation, planning, and organization skills. It was designed for school settings but adapts well to individual and group therapy services. It has a suite of multimedia companion materials for families in English and Spanish that can be used as standalone coaching, or as complimentary tools to improve generalization.  

Why are Executive
Functions Important?

Executive functioning is a set of brain-based abilities that help us set goals, make plans, manage disappointment, and stay flexible in the face of unexpected events. Executive functioning enables us to stick with challenges without getting overwhelmed. They drive social skills and are trans-diagnostic predictors of psychiatric symptoms. They predict success at school and long term quality of life, relationships, happiness, employment, and mental and physical health.  

Why use Unstuck ?

My goal: To use Unstuck in a community-based setting. Where I start?
I want to read the lesson plans; click to view the resource
I prefer online training; click to view the resource
I want parents to have access to trainings; click to view the resource
I want some tips and tricks; click to view the resource
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